Canon EOS 90D - For better shots from the start!

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  • 100438
  • 9783832804145
  • 164 x 242 mm | Hardcover
  • 277 Seiten
  • Dr. Kyra Sänger, Dr. Christian Sänger
  • 12.03.2020
"Canon EOS 90D - For better shots from the start!"

The Canon EOS 90D captivates with its fantastic equipment and has plenty cutting-edge features to offer. The team of photographers, Kyra and Christian Sänger, introduces the conglomerate technology of this camera to you and shows you how to optimally benefit from the EOS 90D’s strengths. The authors convey their knowledge based on easily comprehensible instructions, descriptive pictures, and realistic examples. Get to know the camera’s finesse step by step. Learn about focusing in different situations, exposure methods, and much more. With tips provided by professionals, you will achieve authentic, high-end images and videos while enjoying your 90D to the fullest.


  • Special features of the EOS 90D
  • Professional shooting program settings for every situation
  • More control thanks to the creative auto modes
  • Individual exposure programs 
  • Double and multiple exposures
  • Movies with time-lapse or HDR effects
  • Image and movie stabilizer
  • Focusing static & action motifs 
  • High-speed continuous shootings
  • Applying white balance
  • Setting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Individual button configuration
  • Overview of the Canon software
  • Useful accessories, lenses, cleaning, and Firmware update

The Authors

Kyra and Christian Sänger are professional photographers and experienced technical literature authors. By now, they have already published over 80 books about photography and image processing. When they are not busy doing a commercial project, they are on the road around the globe with their cameras taking pictures of nature and animals of all kinds. They also keep themselves busy with macrophotography topics and photographic art.

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